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Infinitas is always on the lookout for people with great attitudes and the potential to become fantastic members of our team. Infinitas has built its team on an adaptable, inclusive, strength-based foundation.

Adaptability is key when choosing the right team members to join us and to keep a healthy, supportive workplace running. Not everyone who works with us here at Infinitas has a recruitment background – but they’ve had the attitude and aptitude to become great recruiters. We hire genuine people who can build good relationships, have the desire to produce quality results, and people who are willing to learn from the team around them as well as teach others within the team their areas of expertise.

Infinitas thrives on a harmonious and gelled team environment and we have managed to do this by choosing the right people and celebrating one another’s success whenever we can. We are proud of our team and want to highlight and celebrate moments of effort, milestones, and achievement.

Staff wellbeing is of utmost priority at Infinitas. Despite hiring superhumans, we recognise you are human at the root of all that, and we will step up to support you during any tough periods, albeit personally or professionally.

We have a history of onboarding great people despite their personal circumstances – if we see the right person that can add value in both skills and attitude to our team, we will work around your schedule to get you onboard, whether that be through full-time permanent work, a contract, or part-time work. We want to create futures for our staff so career pathways are mapped out with you, and can be adapted to align with both our goals and your goals in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s have a chat about your future with Infinitas.

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Infinitas transforms the way companies and talented people find each other. Instead of simply giving companies the most well-suited talent available, we also help job seekers find an organisation with a culture and ethos to motivate their personal growth.

We believe that when people are fulfilled in their working environment, they contribute, add value and succeed. Our ethos is to help people fulfil their potential, so we operate with a dedication to helping talented people find an ideal job.

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We’re always happy to meet with companies and candidates to see how we can best help you to meet your recruitment needs. If you’d like to arrange a consultation or simply have a chat to find out more, please send us a message below and we’ll be in touch.